Saudi travel app : digital tour apps available for exploring Saudi Arabia. Here we explain about Most popular apps in Saudi Arabia. Then we explore data about Most popular social media platforms in Saudi Arabia. Let’s Read until the end, and click if you interest more.

Saudi travel app

There are several digital tour apps available for exploring Saudi Arabia. Here are some options :

1. Visit Saudi – روح السعودية :

This is the official app provided by the Saudi Tourism Authority. It offers information on activities, tourist destinations, accommodations, parks, museums, an interactive map, and a year-long events calendar. By using this app, you can plan your trip in detail, explore interesting places, and gain insights into Saudi Arabia’s cultural and natural richness.

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2. Almarai Tour :

This app provides an immersive virtual tour of Almarai farms and factories. With Almarai Tour, you can explore the modern facilities that support the production of milk and other products. This virtual experience provides a unique view of the production process and Almarai’s commitment to quality.

3. CloudPano :

While not a specific tour app, CloudPano offers virtual tour software that allows entrepreneurs, photographers, and real estate brokers to create 360° virtual tours. It can be used to create immersive experiences of various locations in Saudi Arabia. With CloudPano, you can experience the beauty of cities, historical sites, and natural landscapes without being physically present.

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4. Tawakkalna :

Tawakkalna is a crucial app for visitors to Saudi Arabia. Although not a tour app, it plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and secure experience. Tawakkalna is the official health status and movement permit app, providing real-time information on COVID-19 updates, health protocols, and movement permits. It is an essential tool for travelers to stay informed and compliant with health regulations.

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With this diverse range of apps, you can enjoy various aspects of travel and exploration in Saudi Arabia. From official tourism information to captivating virtual tours and essential health updates, these apps open up new opportunities to explore and understand the beauty of the country. So, discover the world of Saudi Arabia with just a touch, using apps that cater to the needs and interests of modern travelers.

Saudi Arabia Social Media Statistics 2023

Social media is rapidly growing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While the younger generation uses social media for communication and information sharing, businesses leverage it for marketing purposes. Social media has now become a part of Saudi Arabia’s digital landscape and is predicted to garner even more attention in the coming years. Let’s explore the social media statistics in Saudi Arabia for 2023 to understand its impact on the country.

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Out of the total population of Saudi Arabia, 35.97 million people, or 99%, have access to the internet. Household internet penetration is at 99.9% and is expected to remain the same until 2028. 28.81 million people in Saudi Arabia use social media, constituting 79.30% of the total population. On average, Saudi citizens spend 7 hours and 20 minutes on the internet. The average daily social media usage is 3 hours and 1 minute.

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In 2023, WhatsApp maintains its position as the most popular social media platform with 22.33 million users. With a 65.8% male audience, men dominate the social media advertising profile in Saudi Arabia. Facebook contributes the highest web traffic referrals (68.49%) in 2023 in Saudi Arabia. WhatsApp is the most used social media app in Saudi Arabia in 2023.

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